Need Teeth Whitening But Not Sure Why? The Culprit Might Be Your Favourite Foods!

If you're thinking about seeing the dentist for teeth whitening, you'll have a lovely smile again very soon. However, if you're not sure why your teeth grew discoloured or dark to begin with, you might continue with the same habits and then end up with the same problem again very quickly. Whilst you probably know that teeth can grow dark or discoloured due to tobacco use or coffee drinking, you may not realise that the foods you eat can cause problems as well. Are your favourite foods darkening or discolouring your teeth? Read on to find out if you've been eating one of these food culprits.


Do you love takeaway curry every weekend? Many people feel the same way—but it's not commonly known that curry can seriously stain your teeth. The deep yellow colour of curry may look lovely on food, but it can turn your white teeth yellow if you eat it quite regularly. If you adore curry and simply can't give it up—at least not entirely—consider making a few small adjustments.

Always brush your teeth as soon as possible after eating curry. Curry tends to settle in the crevices between the teeth, so careful flossing after you eat curry is also important. If you're away from home and don't have access to your toothbrush or floss, rinse your mouth out with water several times to discourage the spice from sticking to your teeth.

Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce is a favourite addition to pasta, pizza, meat, veggies and more. It's a dietary staple for many Australians today and is often consumed both in restaurants and at home. Whilst it's quite commonly used in a variety of foods, it's rarely thought of as a threat to teeth colour. Unfortunately, regular consumption of tomato sauce can turn your normally white teeth several shades darker before you even realise it. The main reason for this is the high acidity of tomatoes. High acidity makes your teeth more likely to stain, and the bright red colour of the tomato sauce can quickly turn your teeth darker.

It's understandable that you don't want to avoid all tomato sauce–containing foods forever, but you actually don't have to. Simply opt for less sauce wherever possible. A small amount of tomato sauce can still pack a powerful punch of flavour. Brush and floss your teeth as quickly as possible after you eat tomato sauce to eliminate any of the acids left behind by the tomatoes.

Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit is a great healthy choice, so you might wonder how it could possibly by bad. Sadly, in the case of certain berries there is bad news: berries can cause major teeth stains if you have them often. The most deeply coloured berries, including raspberries and blueberries, can stain your white tooth enamel quickly if you eat them whole, and they can also stain when consumed in juice form. Eating berries as a garnish or in small quantities isn't usually a problem for your teeth. 

If you're consuming fresh berries as a snack, as a meal or in juice form, you may want to consider cutting back. Whilst berries and healthy and delicious, they're a real danger to the colour of your tooth enamel. Practise moderation—and always brush and floss straight away after consuming berries. 

Your dentist can do professional teeth whitening to restore your stunning smile—and if you do your part by avoiding the foods above where possible, you may be able to maintain results for up to a year. Contact your dentist today to schedule your next teeth whitening visit.