The Different Types of Dental Emergencies

Any injury that causes pain, bleeding or swelling in the mouth needs immediate dental help. Urgent dental care helps to alleviate the pain as soon as possible and to prevent further damage. Also, immediate dental assistance helps to prevent tooth infection, which may happen as a result of the situation. Seek the advice of an emergency dentist when you experience the following dental emergencies:

1. Tooth fracture

The leading cause of a tooth fracture is an accident. The injury may cause a small split, a large fracture, a loose tooth or even a knocked-out tooth. Most people do not experience pain in the fractured teeth, but rather experience high tooth sensitivity. If you fall or get an accident that cracks your teeth, seek the help of an emergency dentist immediately.

2. Lost crown or filling

A crown or filling can easily fall off due to wear and tear or due to other reasons. When the filling falls off, it leaves a cavity on the tooth. When the cavity starts to accumulate solid food particles, it causes other dangerous effects on the tooth. If you notice that your filling is missing, seek immediate dental help to fix the issue.

3. Bleeding cut

A big or small cut in your mouth is an apparent indication that you need urgent dental assistance. Whether the wound is on your lips, tongue or inner parts of the cheek, the chances are high that it will cause pain and maybe cause swelling. It can also cause an infection in the mouth. If you get a mouth cut which bleeds for more than twenty minutes, call an emergency dentist immediately for an examination.

4. Damaged braces

Damaged, loose or broken braces are a warning sign that something is wrong with the braces. If you don't get the issue repaired, the damaged braces might hurt your tongue, gums or cheeks. If your braces get any damage, call your orthodontist. The dentist will fix them or replace them with newer ones.

5. An object between your teeth

Do not remove any object between your teeth, especially if it affects your gums too. Removing it unprofessionally or using a sharp object may cause further damage. Call your emergency dentist to examine the object and remove it safely.

If you experience any of the above injuries, seek dental help as soon as possible. Most of the injuries may not show immediate effects but may cause long-term effects and affect your overall body health. Contact a dental office like Goulburn Valley Dental Group for more information on when to see an emergency dentist.