Five Ways A Dentist Can Help You With Canker Sores

If you suffer from canker sores, you might be wondering if you should see a dentist about the problem. Can a dentist help with canker sores? The answer is, yes, a dentist is capable of examining, treating and counselling you about uncomfortable canker sores. Listed below are five ways that your dentist can assist you in dealing with canker sores.

1. The Cause Of Your Canker Sores Could Be Your Teeth

If you are experiencing recurrent canker sores, particularly on the sides of your mouth, then the culprit could be your teeth being too sharp. If your teeth or dentures are causing mouth sores, then your dentist can adjust or shave your tooth down for you to relieve the discomfort. Once your tooth has been smoothed down, it will no longer cut into the side of your mouth, eliminating pain from this kind of mouth sore.

2. Your Gums Might Be Part Of The Problem

Canker sores can be caused by a variety of factors, including genetics, stress and dietary consumption. However, there may be bacteria in your mouth that is exacerbating the canker sores, and your gums may be the source of the problem. Your dentist will be able to look for signs of infection or decay in your gums. They will be able to treat gum disease and decay for you.

3. Your Dentist Can Help With Treatment

If your canker sores are causing you a lot of discomfort, your dentist may be able to help by prescribing topical ointments, antibiotic treatments or pain relievers. If the pain from canker sores is severe, consult your dentist about your treatment options.

4. It Is Best To Rule Out More Serious Dental Issues

Even if you believe you have a mild mouth sore, unpleasant sores in your mouth or gums could be a sign or indication of something more serious, such as fractured teeth or dental disease. It is best to consult your dentist about painful mouth sores for peace of mind.

5. Your Dentist Can Help Advise You On Your Next Best Steps

Once a dentist has inspected your mouth sores and ruled out serious gum issues or teeth problems and helped you with pain treatment and dentistry needs, they can then advise you on whether you need to see any other medical professionals for further treatment.

You don't need to put up with painful mouth sores. Consult your friendly dentist today for an appointment and treatment options.