3 Things to Expect From a Reputable Denture Clinic

Some events can throw you a curveball and leave you wondering what comes next, and losing your pearly whites through an accident or severe tooth decay is one. It immediately becomes a hassle to chew food, which means that you cannot enjoy some of your favourite meals. For self-conscious people, losing teeth spells the end of their social life. Fortunately, dentures can help restore your smile and regain your confidence, but you must find the right denture clinic. This article highlights what to expect from a denture clinic.

Immediate Dentures — When you see a denturist for your first consultative meeting, they will try to gather as much information as possible, focusing on your medical and dental history. After that, both of you will explore the different denture options available. It is followed by a recommendation on the most suitable denture solution. However, a denture clinic run by a professional denturist will not let you walk away with the gap in your mouth, even during the customisation of your dentures. You get temporary dentures, which fill the gap in your mouth and control swelling and bleeding as you wait for permanent dentures. Additionally, immediate dentures help you eat, drink, and speak normally as your gums heal.

Dentures of Varying Shades — Everybody wishes to have pearly white teeth; therefore, you will naturally lean towards the extra white shades when selecting dentures. Unfortunately, most people do not know that dentures should look as real and natural as possible. It means that your dentures should match — or come close to — your natural teeth. Sadly, it can be a difficult task if the denture clinic you visit has a limited variety of shades. A professional dental clinic should have dentures in a wide variety of shades so that your teeth do not look awkward when you smile in social gatherings.

Naturally Shaped Dentures — Like colour, your teeth's shape is unique, which is essential when making dentures. Although your options for teeth shape are flexible when going for full dentures, it is not the case for partial dentures. The reason is that the shape of teeth on partial dentures must match that of the remaining natural teeth. For instance, if you are missing incisors, canines, and premolars on one side of your jaw, your dentures must match the shape of the teeth on the other side of the jaw. The last thing you want is incisors or canines with different shapes and sizes. Therefore, when selecting a denture clinic, ensure that they have a laboratory where a denturist can mould and shave dentures to the exact shape and size of your natural teeth.