4 Reasons Not to Let Money Worries Stop You Seeing a Dentist For Toothache

When money is tight, it is natural to try to reduce your spending as much as possible. For example, you might try home remedies before spending money on seeing a medical professional. However, seeing a dentist about a toothache is an expense that you cannot afford to put off. Here are four reasons to schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist even if you are on a tight budget. 1. You Can Pay Later Read More 

Teeth Whitening

Everyone desires a dazzling white smile whether through DIY treatments or professional teeth whitening. Teeth whitening products are everywhere today from toothpaste to bleaching kits all promising whiter teeth for a small amount in comparison to professional teeth whitening. There are three ways to whiten your teeth. 1. Salon whitening  This type offers in-house treatments claiming to improve the colour of teeth by up to nine shades. Salon workers, however, have little or no basic dental training. Read More 

Should You Get a Custom Dentist-Fitted Mouthguard for Sport?

If you play a contact sport, there's a good chance you'll need to wear a mouthguard. Sports like rugby, cricket and American football have a high risk of injuries to the mouth and jaw, and a good-quality mouthguard will protect you from serious damage. When you're buying a mouthguard, you're faced with two main choices. You can either get an off-the-shelf product and mould it yourself at home or arrange to have a custom-fitted guard made by a dentist. Read More 

Denture Discomfort: What to Do When Your Dentures Begin to Irritate Your Mouth

There is a brief adjustment period when you receive a set of dentures. This is kind of logical, and it's just a case of getting used to the physical sensation of having them in your mouth, particularly when you talk and eat. But this period of adjustment quickly comes to an end, and your dentures become comfortable and familiar. And yet, there can be circumstances which mean that your dentures are no longer as comfortable as you have become accustomed to. Read More 

Need Teeth Whitening But Not Sure Why? The Culprit Might Be Your Favourite Foods!

If you're thinking about seeing the dentist for teeth whitening, you'll have a lovely smile again very soon. However, if you're not sure why your teeth grew discoloured or dark to begin with, you might continue with the same habits and then end up with the same problem again very quickly. Whilst you probably know that teeth can grow dark or discoloured due to tobacco use or coffee drinking, you may not realise that the foods you eat can cause problems as well. Read More