Some Fear Of The Dentist? How Inhalation Sedation May Help You

If you have some dental work that needs to be addressed, you may be a little worried about the experience ahead. It's not unusual for patients to experience some trepidation in advance of a visit to the dentist's surgery. However, you may find that a technique known as inhalation sedation may help you. What is this? Nitrous Oxide Inhalation sedation refers to the supply of nitrous oxide gas, also known as N2O, which is provided by the dentist's assistant just prior to the procedure. Read More 

Damage Limitation: 6 Ways to Stop Oral Piercings from Damaging Your Teeth and Gums

Body piercings are as much a part of fashion in society today as other more conventional modes of expression, such as clothing and hairstyles. However, while oral piercings are often attractive, they do come with certain risks to your health. According to a recent study, tongue piercings can damage tooth enamel and also cause gums to recede. Lip piercings too, have been found to cause damage to teeth and gums.  While this is worrying for anyone with oral piercings, that doesn't mean this mode of of self-expression is completely out of bounds. Read More 

Getting Prepped for Your Child’s Orthodontic Treatment

A stereotype some people will have about orthodontic treatment for their child is being prepubescent with a mouth riddled with metal. However, this should not keep you from ensuring your kid has properly aligned teeth as they grow up. Sine orthodontic treatment can take some getting used to, it is best to be well prepped beforehand. The following are some of the things that you could do to get you and your child prepared for the course of orthodontic treatment. Read More 

What You Might Ask About Having a Dental Crown

Having a dental crown doesn't typically include extensive surgery or dental work; this crown is shaped and formed by your dentist and then fitted and glued over a tooth. A crown is a very good choice for teeth that are severely damaged or eroded, and are used when you have a tooth implant in place. If you've been told that you might need a dental crown or two, note a few questions you might have and some information about crowns so you can determine if this is the right choice for you. Read More 

What Should You Do When Your Child Swallows Mouthwash?

Mouthwash, however nicely flavoured, isn't meant to be swallowed since it often contains products that will be harmful in large doses. Unfortunately, children are often tempted to swallow theirs, either because they don't understand that they need to spit it out, have difficulty controlling their swallowing reflex, or simply because of the taste and attractive colour. Children should really be supervised while using mouthwash to make sure this doesn't happen – that's why most brands use child-safe caps. Read More