Questions Many People Ask About Getting Tooth Straightening Trays

Tooth straightening trays are plastic forms that are shaped for your teeth in particular and which gently nudge the teeth into place over a course of weeks and months. You have new trays fitted periodically to keep the teeth moving into place. Trays can be a good alternative to braces, either for yourself or for your teenager, so note a few questions you might discuss with your dentist when you're ready to consider this option. Read More 

Some Questions You Might Have About Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are not uncommon, and having one applied over a tooth can be a somewhat routine procedure. If you need a dental crown, you may have some questions about its application and care; note a few of those questions here and then don't hesitate to talk to your dentist if you still need more information about crowns. 1. What is the difference between a crown and a cap? Crowns and caps are essentially the same thing; they are an exterior covering that slides over a tooth and which is then glued into place. Read More 

Dentures And Diabetes: Working With Your Dentist To Maintain Oral Health And Avoid Complications

Treatments and medical procedures to help people who suffer from diabetes have progressed by leaps and bounds in recent years, but this chronic illness can still have detrimental and largely unavoidable effects on your health. Maintaining proper oral health can be a particular challenge for diabetes sufferers -- various symptoms of diabetes can cause a variety of dental problems, and many diabetes sufferers wear dentures to replace teeth that have fallen out or have been removed as a result of the illness. Read More 

Can You Replace Dentures With Dental Implants?

While replacing missing teeth with dentures fills some gaps, you may find that this is not the best solution for you. If you can't get used to wearing dentures and want a different type of false tooth, you may be able to switch to dental implants. Implants give you a more permanent type of false tooth that is attached to a metal post inserted into your jaw bone. How feasible is it to switch from dentures to implants? Read More 

Different Types of Mouthguards You Could Consider

Mouthguards are oral devices made from either laminate or soft plastic. They function to protect the teeth, inner cheeks, tongue, jaw and mouth of the wearer from acquiring injuries. These injuries could stem from playing sports, teeth grinding and more. If you a predisposed to getting oral injuries, lack of wearing a mouthguard could lead to chipped or cracked teeth, fractured jaws or lacerations on your tongue and inner cheeks. Mouthguards also work toward enhancing the protection off dental work that has been done including bridgework, crowns and dental implants. Read More